Vertical Form Fill & Seal Tooling

In addition to the supply of augers, funnels, and other accessories; AUGER FABRICATION can supply complete auger filling assemblies for use with Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) equipment. AUGER FABRICATION’s extensive experience in this field can accomodate all types and configurations of VFFS machines. Use this page to specify an auger filling assembly for your equipment. Additional details or other, special requirements can be sketched on the worksheet at the end of this catalog.

Specifying Information


VFFS (Manufacturer/Model):


Amount of Fill:

Pouch Size:

Production Rate:


Funnel Depth:

Forming Tube (I.D.):

Collector Funnel Height:


Collector Funnel Diameter A Dimension
6” 13” minimum
8” 16” minimum
10” 17” minimum


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