Liquid Tooling


Viscous liquids and pastes products such as creams, shampoos, oils, gels, etc. can be dispensed with your Auger Fabrication filler using a shaft, U-joints, pump rotor, stator, and pump housings installed in place of the auger shaft, auger and funnel. Four different pump sizes are available, depending on capacity. For best results, there should be a 1/4” clearance between the pump and housing.

1. Slow speed agitator blade(s)
2. Auger Shaft
3. High-speed agitator  b.)Type D
12. Pump Rotor shaft
13. Rotor
14. Spacer
15. Stator
16. Pump housing
17. Diaphragm cut-off
18. Ball check valve
19. Nozzle
20. Manifold
21. Adapter
22. Piston suck-back

Viscous/Liquid Accessory Setup, No. 1 Pump

Viscous and Liquid Accessory Setup, No. 2 Pump

Viscous/Liquid Accessory Setup, No. 3 Pump

Viscous and Liquid Accessory Setup, No. 4 Pump

Viscous and Liquid Accessory Setup, No. 5 Pump

Viscous/Liquid Accessory Setup, No. 6 Pump