Horizontal Augers

When you hire a contractor for auger installation, you need a reputable manufacturer. After all, the consistency and uniformity of the material depend on the type of horizontal auger employed. As a leader among auger manufacturing companies, we produce horizontal and vertical augers, along with tool assembly parts.

Our Exton, Pennsylvania based company customizes long-lasting components according to each customer’s needs. For that, we use various flighting when fabricating a horizontal augers. This ensures that material meters more accurately and quickly based on flow characteristics. For free-flowing materials, we use straight flighting. For non free-flowing materials, a self-feeding vertical auger with overflight is used.

Affordable Cost From One of the Top Auger Flighting Suppliers

Ranked among the most trusted auger flighting suppliers, we produce superior products. For this, we use two primary techniques. While both consist of combining a shaft with a helicoid, one uses welding while the other machining. As one of the top auger flighting suppliers, we work with different materials. We use solid stainless steel due to its incredible advantages. These include:

  • A concentric outside diameter to root diameter, thereby preventing the risk of premature wear and tear
  • Precision flight pitches, ideal for gentle and accurate metering
  • Sanitary construction void of crevices and pits, making the material a perfect choice for both pharmaceutical and food applications

With years of industry experience, we understand that processing materials can be costly. But in exchange for a high-quality product, we maintain a competitive auger flighting price. Our customers end up with a long-lasting and robust component but without paying an exorbitant cost.

Turn to a Manufacturer That Produces an Industrial Grade Horizontal Auger

For an industrial application, you need a horizontal auger that can handle the job. Regardless of the material your company works with, we make an industrial horizontal auger from premium material. The auger can withstand high usage, corrosion, and abrasions.


For accessories that work with all major manufacturers, including All-Fill, AMS, Mateer-Burt, Bartelt, Spee-Dee, and Per-Fil, contact us at Auger Fabrication, Inc in Exton, PA.





E: Outside Diameter:
C: Thickness:
D: Inside Diameter:
B: Pitch:
A: Overall Length:

Direction of Flight:

  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand