AUGER FABRICATION can also supply direct replacement augers originally manufactured by Per-Fil Industries, Inc. Order both straight and self-feeding Per-Fil Augers and matching Per-Fil funnels.

Per Fill auger photo here


ALL-FILL Universal tooling is designed to be compatible and interchangeable with the widest variety of auger filling equipment. Dimensions and specifications of the most common sizes are listed below. If dimensions do not match your auger, contact us for a custom straight auger. Unless otherwise specified, all Universal Tooling augers are stainless steel, welded, and polished to a mirror finish.

Free-Flow Augers

Straight Augers

Straight Augers are typically used for free-flowing powders such as granulated sugar, salt, bread crumbs, etc. They are commonly used with high and slow speed agitator blades, a straight funnel, collector funnels, spinner plates, etc.

Free-Flow Augers

Matter-Burt "Neotron" Straight Augers

These augers are specifically offered as replacements or spares with NEOTRON SYSTEM auger fillers manufactured by Mateer-Burt. Dimensions and specifications of the most common sizes are listed below. If dimensions do not match your auger, list all relevant size data (A-J) on the worksheets at the end of this catalog. Unless otherwise specified, all Neotron augers are stainless steel, welded, and polished to a mirror finish.