Screw conveyors are common in industrial and manufacturing settings since they are a cost-effective, efficient way to move bulk materials between processes. However, they can wear down due to corrosion, abrasion, or adhesion and this makes replacement necessary. Many customers find our custom screws to be useful since they can be used to handle a wide range of materials. All we ask is that you provide us with the required dimensions and a detailed sketch so we can build the exact product you need. When you work with Auger Fabrication, you never have to worry about whether the part you’re purchasing will work with your handling equipment. We’ll design custom screws in our Exton, PA plant just for your operation.

Custom Augers

Options including straight, self-feeding, conveying, tapered, overflight, single flights, double flights, and more. Our experienced engineers and fabrication team can build the auger for your unique filling challenges.

Custom Funnels

When ordering your next auger, don’t forget that Auger Fabrication also manufactures a variety of custom stainless steel funnels including straight, lip, and collector funnels built to your exact specification. Straight funnels are generally used with free-flowing products, straight augers, and often include the use of a Collector Funnel. Lip funnels are used with non-free-flowing products and self-feeding augers. Order new, spare, and replacement Straight and Lip Funnels for augers and filling machines from ALL-FILL, Mateer-Burt, AMS, & Spee-Dee.

If you want to make an order or ask a question, our highly-trained and experienced staff are standing by to assist you. Whether you contact us online or by phone, you’ll get a fast response and friendly yet professional service. Our aim is to satisfy every customer, every time. Contact Auger Fabrication today for all your auger flighting needs.